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  • Scorch Easy Touch Membrane Gaming Keyboard

    Introducing the Scorch Easy Touch Membrane Gaming Keyboard, designed for gamers seeking precision and comfort in their gaming sessions.

    Featuring membrane key switches, this keyboard offers a tactile typing experience with soft and quiet keystrokes, ideal for prolonged gaming sessions without disturbing others around you.

    The Scorch Easy Touch Keyboard is engineered for responsiveness, ensuring every keystroke registers accurately, giving you the edge in fast-paced gaming scenarios.

    With its sleek and ergonomic design, this keyboard provides comfort during long gaming sessions, reducing wrist fatigue and strain.

    Illuminate your gaming setup with customizable RGB backlighting, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience and create an ambiance that suits your style.

    Equipped with essential gaming features such as anti-ghosting technology, this keyboard ensures that every keystroke is recognized, even during intense gaming moments.

    Enhance your gaming performance and comfort with the Scorch Easy Touch Membrane Gaming Keyboard, your reliable companion for immersive gaming experiences.

  • Scorch RGB Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Introducing the Scorch RGB Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, engineered to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

    Equipped with high-performance mechanical switches, this keyboard delivers responsive and tactile keystrokes, ensuring precision and accuracy during intense gaming sessions.

    Customize your gaming setup with vibrant RGB backlighting, featuring customizable lighting effects and presets to match your style and mood.

    Enjoy seamless gameplay with anti-ghosting technology, which allows for simultaneous key presses without any signal interference, ensuring every command is executed flawlessly.

    Designed for durability, the Scorch RGB keyboard boasts a sturdy construction and a sleek, ergonomic design, providing comfort and stability during extended gaming sessions.

    With programmable keys, you can create custom macros and shortcuts for quick and efficient gameplay, giving you the edge over your opponents.

    Enhance your gaming experience with the Scorch RGB Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and dominate the battlefield with precision and style.

  • TUF K3 Gaming Keyboard

    The ASUS TUF K3 Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard is the the ultimate companion for serious gamers seeking precision, durability, and customization.

    Built with heavy-duty mechanical switches available in customizable Blue, Brown, or Red variants, the TUF K3 ensures responsive and reliable performance, with a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes. Dominate your gaming sessions with confidence, knowing that each keystroke is met with precision and accuracy.

    Experience seamless gameplay with anti-ghosting and N-Key rollover response, along with onboard memory and 8 fully programmable keys for on-the-fly macro recordings. With uninterrupted control at your fingertips, you can stay focused on the action without missing a beat.

    Elevate your comfort with the detachable magnetic wrist rest, providing optimal support during intense battles and gaming marathons. The sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame keeps the keyboard securely in place, ensuring stability and durability through even the most intense gaming sessions.

    Take command of your audio experience with dedicated media controls, allowing you to adjust volume, playback, and more with ease. Plus, the inclusion of USB Passthrough enables convenient connectivity with various devices such as mice, flash drives, or charging smartphones and tablets.

    Designed for committed gamers, the TUF K3 is compatible with ASUS Aura Sync and the latest Armoury Crate software, offering centralized controls and customization options for audio profiles, colors, lighting effects, macro recording, and more. With its robust features and customizable design, the ASUS TUF K3 Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers who demand nothing but the best.

  • Asus ROG Claymore II Gaming Keyboard

    Craft your ideal gaming setup with the ROG Claymore II’s detachable numpad, allowing you to position it on either side of the keyboard or remove it entirely for a TKL (80%) mode. Whether you prefer wired or wireless connectivity, the choice is yours, and with Aura Sync lighting, you can illuminate your setup with customizable RGB effects.

    Take control of every gaming session with ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches, offering consistent keystrokes, lightning-fast response times, and a lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes. With embedded RGB LEDs, each key shines brightly, providing immersive per-key lighting.

    Experience lag-free gaming with the option to play in wired or wireless 2.4 GHz RF mode, ensuring a rapid 1-millisecond response time for seamless gameplay. Plus, enjoy the convenience of fast charging via USB-C, providing up to 18 hours of operation with the lighting off, or utilize the USB passthrough for easy connection to other devices.

    With the Asus ROG Claymore II Gaming Keyboard, you’ll have the flexibility to play your way, tailored to your preferences and gaming style, while enjoying unparalleled performance and precision. Elevate your gaming setup to the next level and dominate the competition with this innovative gaming keyboard.