Who We Are

www.tscxtreme.com is a computer manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona; To a large degras, we attribute our claim to fame to our specialized system building experience and expertise since 1984, a period extending over more than 36 years. As technology changes rapidly, we have evolved to become a master system builder dedicated to delivering the highest quality IT solutions, consulting, customer service and support. Even as our services have spanned generations of technology, we stay at the forefront of IT development and maintained a singular focus on providing practical and innovative solutions. The core of our philosophy is our unique ability to maintain an exceptional level of customer intimacy, attentiveness, and service that separates us from the rest of typical technology solutions-providers and our ability to provide customized and specialized hardware and operational solutions. Our goal is to become our customer’s top choice for the purchase of any multi-vendor professional service-based systems. This customer-centric philosophy has taken us from the home market to the forefront of the war zone.

What We Do

Three unique qualities in meeting customer’ need that set us part from others:

1. Commitment and long-term stability: When we build a computer, we provide all our resources to ensure optimum success and best customer experience.

2. Manufacturing capability: we have a manufacturing facility that makes customized devices 2 systems in 150- 8001-2015, MMC | facility. Since 1984, we have been building PC systems for schools, Government and military who require unique and specialized PC configurations. We are extending this resources to the general public in building the latest and greatest gaming class systems.

3.Well established Procurement expertise and experience: As an experienced government contractor we adhere o all the regulation, reporting and compliances requirements With our multiple contacts with state, local and federal governments, schools and organization can buy off the contract quickly and without hassle.

4. Professional and Technical Support Services: We have  staff of experienced system engineers and technicians who specialize in designing and installing customized systems with the ultimate performance and affordable prices. ur ater sles services and warranty are provided locally in Phoenix, Arizona. On-site services is available through our maintenance services You can find the Getailed service warranty information in the Maintenance Agreements and Warranties section.


Free delivery for all orders over $140


Friendly 24/7 customer support


We return money within 30 days