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We Take Pride In Delivering The Highest Quality Workmanship!


TSCXTREME is a new gaming division in affiliation with Transource Computers. To show validation, The Better Business Bureau has accredited our parent company with a rating of “A+”. Operating since 1984 and based in Phoenix Arizona, we dedicated ourselves in providing technological services to the Military, Government, Educational Institutions, and Business corporations. Recently, we opened our doors to the public, to focus on providing in-demand top-notch systems to the eSports industry. Our main goal is to provide a system solution in customization with the latest innovation and to make our customers happy. In TSCXTREME, when you become our customer you become part of our family.

Quality Build Products

Each of our products is specially designed for performance with specific applications. We test every component we recommend before adding anything to our product lineup. You can feel self-assurance in receiving a quality product.



Team of Engineers

We are a strong team of hardware and software engineers, industrial designers, and PC technicians with many years of experience in developing professional workstations and servers.



Quality Control & Stress Testing

Nothing will stop a huge workflow process more than a system failure. That’s why every TSCXTREME workstation is extensively tested and must pass various stress tests before leaving our warehouse.



US Based Labor Warranty

We offer lifetime expert care with a limited warranty of up to 3 years for labor &   parts replacement. Even after your part warranty expires, we will continue to answer your questions and fix your computer at no extra charge for labor.